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Magyar Gazdasag Pl V1.0

Map tested for the game Farming Simulator 2015 Terrain map main cultures are grown, as well as sunflower. Included is fashion: ZZZ_multiSprayer, ZZZ_multiFruit, ZZZ_ChoppedStraw, ZZ_GuelleMistMod. In multiplayer mode works well (in multiplayer). Map for...


Mini Map V 1.0

Required Mods: – MixFeeder – AnimationMapTrigger – AAA_UniversalProcessKit – MapBuyableObject Additional mods – GuelleMistMod Greeting your TuneWar Credits: by TuneWar DOWNLOAD ShareMods.com


Na Zadupiu V 3.2

What has been improved / added V3.2: -Added ManureMOD (mod manure) Removed textures shine to buildings and facilities (better visual effect at night and less strain on the computer) -realne cereal prices Corrected several...