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MAZ-509 Truck V1.0 Fs15

The maximum speed of 65 km / h. Animated instrument panel, gearshift lever, the driver, the propeller shaft, tie rods. Custom mirrors. Dust, footprints, dirt. Lighting equipment Credits: Kiryukha DOWNLOAD ShareMods.com


GAZ-53 Truck V1.0

Opening doors Hood and left side (inside and out), there is a button lift side (X) Animated hand of the driver and the instrument panel Dirty / clean Leaves track Dusting from wheels Transporting...


Kamaz 43114 Truck V1.0

Truck traffic in the course of exhibits traces of dust and leaves. The body carries loads potatoes, water, flour, sugar, bread, beer, canola, corn, barley, wheat, beets, vodka, brandy, alcohol, sunflower, milk, oil, mineral...